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News24 Fresh Blog has a clear vision: a world of equal opportunity and prosperity for all. Supported by technology and the global power of digital, we transcend the identities that separate us and live together harmoniously: as News24 Fresh Blog.

By 2050, there will be a further three billion people living on this planet, all in need of food, water, education, healthcare and income. With billions of people already living in poverty and dying from the consequences of global inequality, we need to act now to look after each other. Despite the daily threat of war and catastrophic environmental change, this is a world of great opportunity and promise. We are committed to achieving profound and meaningful change that benefits everyone in our global family.

We believe in harnessing the power of our vast network to seek out and partner with the very best organisations working on the ground to deliver aid, disaster relief and wider humanitarian support.

We trust our partners and recognise that as natives to the region, they know best what the immediate needs in the vicinity are. Once these have been identified, our expert team works in close collaboration with our partners to source, fundraise, innovate and implement, so that we can continue to uplift and empower the work happening on the ground.